Tecno smartphones that you would get with less than 10K

To get a good Tecno smartphone from Kilimall Kenya, you will need to have around Ksh 20, 000 on you. That is the ideal situation on paper; this is not the real situation for most people. The truth of the matter is that most people, who badly need a smartphone, operate with a budget of as low as 10k. A few years ago, it was almost impossible to get a phone at such a low price.

Some of the new entry models have made it possible for people to own smartphones with as low as ten thousand shillings. Tecno happens to be one of the brands that have made that possible. Putting in mind that this is an affordable model, it is deemed as a credible phone by most people. With a budget of less than 10K, there are several phones that you may be able to buy from Tecno with that cash, let me bring some of them to light so that it will be easy for you the next time you want to get a phone.

Tecno Y6


tecno-phantom-z-mini-black-3   Tecno Y6 comes at an average price of around Ksh 8, 500. This means that it is way below the 10K mark. It is a good phone as you get some of the latest apps to work with. Let us take a look at some of the specs that you get with this phone; Tecno Y6 comes with a plastic body which has an attractive look from a distance. You will just love how colorful this phone happens to be. The beauty is not only on the inside as it also comes packaged with other goodies which you will definitely fall for.

It is 5.0 inch in size which makes it the ideal phone size for most people at any day. If you are looking for a phone to take you by before you are able to afford a high-end phone, Tecno Y6 may be the phone that you have been looking for. It runs on the 4.4.2 Android OS and is powered by a 1.0GHz Dual Core processor with a 1GB RAM. The three gives this phone a performance that is good to keep you enjoying this phone, you only realize that you are not able to load so many apps on the phone.

This is due to two possible factors, the first one being that this phone runs on the Kitkat OS which may not be in a position to perform as other latest operating systems. You get an internal storage capacity of 8GB which is somehow good when it comes to storage of your favorite documents. Music and images don’t occupy a large capacity, so you expect to have so much of that. It will actually be long before you have the need of buying a memory card. Alternatively, you can upload some images to Google Drive which is a better alternative for saving most documents that are important to you.

Tecno Y4

Tecno Y4 is yet another phone that gives you the Android experience with less that Ksh 10,000. We know that Kenyans love phones that can give them the very best at the least amount of money. You can get Tecno Y4 with as low as Ksh 7, 500 which makes it an amazing deal. A glance at this phone reveals a phone that has a Nokia Lumia-like design. You know how most of the Nokia Lumia body’s have a smooth plastic body; this is the same thing you get with this phone.

The plastic body is really awesome and quite comfortable in your hands. This is the phone that makes you feel like you are holding something quite valuable on your hands. Plus it is a colorful phone which gives it so much life to it; it is not the old boring smartphone that you get which has a boring look. I think that it is quite stylish for anyone irrespective of the age. The performance is really good as it comes with a 4.4 Kitkat version which might not be the most recent but which gives you access to some good apps such as what’s app.


It is powered by a 1GHz Dual Core processor and a 1GB RAM. Considering that this phone has not been created to manage and handle some large apps, you don’t expect it to constantly hang. The RAM is in a position to handle all the multitasking work that you may want to subject the phone to.  You get an 8GB internal storage capacity which I consider sufficient whenever you want to store your documents.

If you want to have more, you can possibly buy a micro SD card which will give you more room to store anything that may not fit in the 8GB storage. The camera does not give you a lot that you may want to talk about but it is considerably goods, it comes with a 5MP rear camera which takes good images under proper lighting. At least this is a dual sim phone; thus you will get the opportunity to enjoy more than one service provider on the same platform.  You should consider getting this phone in case you want something to take you by before you can afford some of the expensive phones.

Tecno W4


Tecno W4 offers the best deals on phones that are below 10K, this is because you are able to get a great deal and a great phone. It is not every day that you come across a good phone that costs you less. You may want to read through this carefully as you may be getting one as soon as you get to see what this phone comes with. First of all, this phone does not present to you the same old boring specs that most of the affordable phones come with; on the contrary, it is the first Tecno phone in Kenya to run on the 6.0 Android OS.

This must have put a smile on your face. It only costs an average price of 9K in most of the shops in Kenya. With the Marshmallow OS, you get a phone with really cool features in terms of security, and the UI is quite amazing. Basically, it is an affordable phone that gives you almost everything that you can get in high-end phones.  Used to the 8GB storage? At least not with this phone. Tecno W4 comes with a 16GB internal storage capacity which I think is quite large to store all your favorite data without limiting you. What I love about this phone is the fact that you can even save a whole series and you will still be left with sufficient space for other documents that you may want to save.

Kenyans love a phone with dual sim capability, and this is definitely the phone to give you such kind of pleasure. With a dual sim phone, you get to enjoy the benefits of more than one service provider.  With such a phone, you get to roll with the service provider that gives you the very best in terms of calls and data bundles. This phone gives you an edge in decision making concerning the service provider that you may want to enjoy the services from.

The camera gives you an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera which gives you decent images. The only limitation that you will get with this phone is the fact that you may not get good images when the lighting is not so good. From the look of things, this is probably one of the best under 10K phones that you may ever get.



Tecno has been doing it big in the past few years. I would not be surprised to find out that big brands such as Samsung are somehow scared of the potential that Tecno has in the market. Any product should have a specific market target, and this is the main issues that either causes a product to make it or not make it. Tecno found a niche that had not been occupied and it occupied that niche giving people phones that are as low as Ksh 5, 000.

In a time when getting a good smartphone could cost you approximately Ksh 20, 000 Tecno made it possible for people to access smartphones at low prices. Now Tecno is battling with some of the biggest brands in the world as it has continually been improving the consequent models making them have less flaws and much of perfection. The reason as to why you will get a phone at such an affordable amount of money is because Tecno well knows the market and will give you what you want at what you have.

Android’s live wallpapers and their applications

Live wallpapers have now become a defining feature of Android. They were added to the operating system in the 2.1 version of Android, which is also known as Éclair. Live wallpapers are home screens that can be customized and instead of being a simple background image, they can be customized to become interactive.

Bringing a very different user interface

Live wallpapers were brought to Android at a time when other operating systems, specifically the Apple iPhone were stuck with outdated user interfaces regarding background images. In iOS, Apple had not even added the ability to change the background images, let alone add interactive ones.

Live wallpapers also caused quite an interest from the developers’ community. Many websites have sprung up offering personally created live wallpapers which sometimes require a fee or are sometimes free. This feature has thus promoted further interest in Android and remains one of the most sought after customization features of Android.

What Live Wallpapers contain

Live wallpapers can be customized to take advantage of several inbuilt features of the device it runs on, such as the accelerometer, microphone and even the light sensor. This has brought several possibilities to the wallpapers that can be created. One example would be the Koi Fish Pond in which there is a pond in which there are several fish. If you touch the screen at one place, the fish feed will drop over there and all the fish will swarm around the feed.

aniPet Koi

Another example of live wallpaper would be a background that has falling snow flakes. If you tilt the phone, the falling snowflakes will respond accordingly and move towards the ground even if you tilt the phone. However, such a feature is only possible in phones which have a built-in accelerometer in them.

When the iPhone was unveiled, people were extremely skeptical regarding its lack of a keyboard. They feared that the usability of the device would take a huge hit and the device would fail. However the device succeeded hugely, with people noting that the lack of a keyboard was not that big of a turnoff. There were several reasons for this but most importantly it was due to the capacitive display that the iPhone had come out with.


Increase of responsiveness

Capacitive displays needed just a slight touch to register an action which was a huge departure from resistive displays, which needed a definite press in order to function. This made the usability quite a bit better and improved the usability quite a bit. An action always needed one touch instead of multiple presses, which was common in resistive touchscreens.

Along with that capacitive displays did not need to have an elastic top layer like resistive displays. Due to this, high quality glass finishes on displays became common which reduced the risk of internal screen layers being damaged. Also, the displays were quite smooth in their finish which ensured that the speed of touchscreen usage also improved by quite a bit.

Inclusion of Multi-touch

Another main feature of capacitive displays was its ability to detect multiple touches on the screen simultaneously. This helped in several applications as pictures could be zoomed in and out using pinch gestures which were a very convenient feature. It also helped in typing as multiple fingers could tap different keys at an instance and typing speeds improved considerably.

Verizon phone plans

 Verizon Wireless provides Full mobile phone Coverage

When it comes to searching for a wireless phone provider to grant you a good deal on your mobile phone plan while not dropping calls as you usually keep connected, Verizon Wireless is certainly one company you should consider. because the largest wireless mobile network in the nation, this company offers a good range of product and services to get you connected to friends, family, business associates and also the internet.


What makes Verizon so well-liked is that they boast the biggest 4G LTE network across the nation. additionally, they also offer coverage to all or any 3G devices whether or not you ‘re using a smartphone, tablet or wireless broadband device. the corporate provides coverage to all brands: LG, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, and Droid. They also operate with most mobile operational systems such as Apple, android and Windows.


Phone Coverage

Verizon Wireless offers basic cell phones, smartphones and phone plans suited to your calling wants. once it comes to selecting the most effective plan, you ‘ve got to choose how much you ‘re going to use your phone and what sort of options you wish to pay money for based on your budget.

If you ‘re someone who simply wants a phone for emergencies or to sometimes call somebody without sending too several texts, you ‘ll need to choose a basic flip phone with a  “Pay As You Go” phone plan. The  “Pay As You Go ” plan essentially charges you a daily phone usage fee (0.99 cents up to a $1.99) as you deposit a definite amount of cash into the account. each time you call, the fee is deducted as you ‘ll keep track of your running balance. you ‘re also charged for texts and photos, usually about twenty five cents. They also provide a  “per minute ” plan as you ‘re charged per minute to make calls or send texts.

For those that use their phones constantly, you ‘ll opt for a monthly plan. Verizon Wireless offers special on-line discounts to customers if you do not mind getting locked into a contract for one-to-two years. you ‘ll pick out a smartphone at a deep discount, like obtaining a free HTC smartphone that would usually price over $300, and pay the standard $30 activation fee. you ‘ll customise your plan to get unlimited texts, data and talk for a group price that you simply can pay each month for 2 years.

Mobile Wireless

In addition to phone plans, Verizon Wireless additionally offers mobile wireless plans for web access for laptops, tablets and cellphones. called mobile MiFi hotspot, these mobile routers enable you to connect five devices to the web at once.

LG enV2 VX-9100

Verizon offers its 4G LTE Jetpack that picks up each 3G and 4G signals as you pay a monthly access fee based on the quantity of data usage you intend to use. you ‘ve got a choice of 2 totally different plans: five GB data usage and ten GB data usage. If you happen to go over your set plan before the end of the month, you ‘ll end up paying $10 for each GB you go over. so take into thought your web usage before choosing a plan so you do not pay money for overages.

Get Reliable Coverage From Verizon

With a good range of service plans, bundled packages and product, you ‘re sure to find what you ‘re looking for that matches into your wants at Verizon Wireless.

An overview of the Apple App Store

When the Apple App Store was launched in mid-2008, little did people contemplate that a revolution was going to be brought in the way they interact with smartphones. The App Store gave the opportunity to individuals to design their own software and sell it to others, generating revenue for them in the process. iPhone users also got several unique and intuitive software, such as Trism which was created independently by a developer and turned him into a millionaire.

app store

Partnership between Apple and Developers

Apple started a policy of providing 70% of the revenue generated from the sales of software to the developer and keeping the remaining 30%. This meant that both Apple as well as the developers benefited significantly as Apple continued to improve the performance and usability of the App Store while developers created more and more popular apps.

The App Store has grown at a very high rate and is currently the most populous App Store today, with over 300,000 apps available to consumers. Apple has aided the developers with release of SDKs and other tools that aid developers such as development tools and guides. Along with that Apple has introduced an advertisement system, called iAds that help developers of free apps to earn money from advertisements.

App Store Policies

Apple has always remained very strict about what applications are allowed into the App Store. All the applications were at first only allowed to access the Safari web browser for connection to the internet which made 3rd party browsers incompatible with the App Store policies. Applications such as Google Voice were also rejected on the basis of a clause which stated that applications cannot copy basic iPhone functionality. This led to an antitrust dispute against Apple which forced it to relax its policies.

skyfire iphone browser flas

Recently, with the relaxation of some of the App Store policies, several other applications have come up including alternative web browsers such as Skyfire and video players such as VLC. The popularity of these software has shown to Apple that their previously strict policies of the App Store were undermining the abilities of the iPhone and were not providing the consumers with the best possible experience.

Buy mobile phones ,Buy Phones Online

There are a lot of mobile phones within the market with totally different models and specifications. The mobile phones are designed in such the way that they suit anyone; from teenagers to old folks. So, what does one sometimes think about before shopping for a mobile phone? Here are some tips for you to create sure you get the kind of phone that you simply wish.
The first tip is to list down what you wish from a phone. the fundamental functions embody making calls, sending text

buy phones
messages, taking photos and videos, paying attention to the music et al.. when you’ve got listed all the fundamental functions, currently attempt to suppose if you wish a 3G phone or not. 3G phones change you to make a video call so you’re able to see the face of your friends rather than hearing their voice only. This perform sometimes suits couple teenagers or generally married man who would need to make video calls to his family.

mobile coupons offers11
If you’re somebody who likes to take photos, a camera phone would be your initial selection. some of the essential mobiles have camera. What makes the mobiles totally different is that the quality of the pictures taken. the standard of the camera is indicated by the megapixel. the higher the megapixel worth, the clearer the images snapped. Some cameras also come with.
There is also another function that is required such as Bluetooth to send files from your mobile to different mobile. With this perform, you’ll be able to send photos, videos and music to your friends at no cost. when knowing all of your basic wants, do consider for the specifications for each function. you may need to specify the quality of camera, the storage value of your memory card et al..
After you have got shortlisted the choices, finally compare the model and outlook of the phones. Before you purchase mobile phones, make sure you check all the functions properly and check the accessories provided within the box. keep in mind to fill up the guarantee card on the spot and come back a duplicate back to the shop.

Top Online Stores to Buy Smartphones in Kenya

Just like other countries on the planet, Kenya is sharp to the way that no any other country can create an online industry without accepting innovation. Days when shopping included strolling into a store (miles dependably from home) to Buy smartphones in Kenya are a distant journey. Presently, this doesn’t imply that routine shopping is dead, just that there are choices and options dissimilar to in the past when physical shopping was the main intends to buying items.

Enough of this presentation let us take a look at what online shopping in Kenya is about. Since the advantages of shopping by means of the web are many, the post proceeds to give a manual for online shopping in Kenya. To start with, it is essential to comprehend the motion of online shopping in the nation and how to exploit what is accessible while getting away from the fraudsters who happen to be all around.

Online Shopping Classification in Kenya

As said some time recently, Kenya offers one of the best assortments in online stores i.e. East and Central Africa. All things considered, the nation is the undisputed financial powerhouse around. Far from Kenya’s gloating rights, you have to note that Kenyan online base is in abundance of 16 million with no less than three shopping choices to be specific. Below is a list of some of the leading online stores to buy smartphones in Kenya:

Leading Online Stores for Smartphones in Kenya

Online store in Kenya

Nothing offers a superior approach to shop than shopping on the web. It gives a colossal number of advantages, for example, solace, comfort and can spare you cash. In today’s cutting edge world, numerous individuals don’t have sufficient energy to shop in stores because of occupied timetables, and internet shopping of smartphones in Kenya is not generally as costly the same number of trust it to be. You simply need to comprehend what to search for. This article will demonstrate to you an assortment of approaches to spare cash on the web. Fist check this out!

  • OLX Kenya
  • Rupu
  • Kaymu
  • Kilimall
  • PigiaMe

OLX Kenya

OLX kenya

OLX is a standout amongst the most plugged characterized locales in Kenya. The Company is worldwide with comparative locales in India and the US among different nations. It shows up OLX intends to a have a free characterized website in each nation to advance online shopping and employment posting.

Most Kenyans knows and use OLX. Presently, even the beginners will concede that it is one of the simplest destinations to use in terms of smartphones in Kenya. For one thing, they have an application, which makes it less demanding for versatile clients to explore OLX. You just login, utilize the quest bar to search for what you need and contact the dealer. An illustration would be looking for a portable PC for KES 20,000. Presently, from the many results, some are invalid. Invalid since a few publicists don’t pull down the advertisements even in the wake of the offering.

An ideal approach to contract down your hunt would be to pick area and just skim the latest advertisements. Additionally, run for items with photographs, contacts and point by point depictions. Much the same as most characterized, you contact the merchant and settle the arrangement all alone. You ought to ensure meet the merchant on the impartial place all the more so when the buy includes loads of money. You can never discount conmen and lawbreakers on OLX, right?


Rupu Kenya

You may have seen a few adverts on TV or Newspaper about Rupu. On the off chance that you are yet to see any advertisement then realize that the Rupu is the other one-stop online shop of smartphones in  Kenya. For one thing, it is a backup of the Swiss media goliath Ringier AG. Along these lines, much the same as Jumia, Rupu is solid and supported by trustworthy guardian organization. Web shopping in Kenya, as specified some time recently, offers the customer unmatched assortment. For example, Rupu is not limited to Fashion and smartphones but rather gives the purchasers an all-under-one-rooftop experience.

You need to eat in a decent eatery and remain unaware of the costs; Rupu is the site to visit. Even better, the site offers rebates on each buy you make. By and large, you will get up to 30% on your buy.

At rupu.co.ke, you will discover stunning arrangements on Restaurants, Travel Packages, Fashion, Electronics, Leisure and Beauty items. Indeed, even things and items relating to home and living are accessible at Rupu. It is not fantastical to say that Rupu has what you require at impossible rebates. The client backing is additionally great the length of you reach from 8:00 am – 6:45 pm on weekdays and 9:00am – 4:00pm on Saturdays.


Kaymu is the online commercial center that offers the biggest choice of items to Kenyan shoppers at the most reduced costs conceivable. Its online shopping stage unites purchasers and venders the country over to make awesome arrangements on a monstrous exhibit of merchandise.

At Kaymu, they keep on striving towards magnificence in serving their clients with fantastic design items, elite smartphones and Computers, real sustenance and refreshments, tough games hardware and a great deal more. Likewise, we offer Ketenge, Kanga and other uncommon conventional garments for ladies and men that can be worn to relate to the Kenyan culture and likewise to go to exceptional customary events like the Mombasa Carnival. You can shop with certainty on our every minute of every day site, and of course, you have a good chance to buy a decent smartphone at a low price at Kaymu Kenya.


Kilimall Kenya

Kilimall.co.ke is Kenya’s biggest online shopping center. They started  in July 2014 and our central goal is to end up the link between middlemen and clients in Africa.

They serve a retail client base that keeps on developing exponentially, offering items that traverse different classes including smartphones, Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home Appliances, Books, social insurance, Baby Products, individual consideration and significantly more.

Their scope of administrations are intended to guarantee ideal levels of accommodation and consumer loyalty with the retail handle; these administrations incorporate about 7-day free return policy, request conveyance following, committed client administration support and numerous other premium administrations.

As they keep on expanding the shopping center, their extent of offerings will increment in assortment, effortlessness and comfort; go along with them and appreciate the expanding advantages.

They are exceedingly client driven and are conferred towards finding imaginative methods for enhancing our clients’ shopping background with us, and I personally bought a smartphone in Kilimall Kenya, and the smartphone didn’t fail me, it played really well so far.


PigiaMe is an online and electronic print classifieds stage that offers purchasers and dealers a one of a kind chance to successfully achieve their intended interest group.

PigaMe is about security for both purchasers and venders. Robotized checks permit us to early recognize false clients. All the more vitally, we guarantee that everything on PigiaMe is altogether investigated by our group of buying Kenyan’s smartphones and passes our superb models.

They offer FREE postings to sponsors permitting them boundless and direct contact to their potential markets. PigiaMe does the diligent work of guaranteeing your notices achieve more noteworthy target groups of onlookers at a touch of a catch by utilizing the PigiaMe system of partners and accomplice locales.

PigiaMe is likewise accessible in print flowing more than 30,000 duplicates for every month crosswise over high esteem activity areas crosswise over Nairobi.


Let’s be honest, there’s each reason on the planet to shop on the online. The smartphones in Kenya  are there to buy. The determination is brain boggling. The shopping is secure. Delivery is quick. Indeed, even returns reach you on time if you shop with the right stores. Shopping has never been simpler or more advantageous for purchasers. Stay relaxed if you want smartphones in Kenya.

Like most outlook changes, the approach of online shopping conveyed changes to the present state of affairs. In stores, one need just keep watchful watchman of one’s wallet to guarantee its security; not all that on the web. It’s exponentially less demanding to affirm one’s will over transitory occasional help while giving back a thing in stores. Once more, this is not all that on the online.

Today in particular, in cutting edge Countries, online shopping is a genuine business with a lot of competition. Billions of dollars are buying smartphones in Kenya online stores yearly. Luckily, Kenya has not been abandoned with regards to that. Truly, the nation’s innovative progression can’t approach what you have in the center pay economies or the ‘main world’ economies. Be that as it may, Kenya has what it takes to serve her online nationals. There are online stores with for all intents and purposes all you would search for in a traditional store.

Unlimited mobile plans

Unlimited mobile plans have become more and more popular.

several mobile phone users are creating the switch to those plans to enjoy unlimited cellular phone service whereas saving themselves a decent deal of cash. With nearly each major carrier giving an unlimited service plan, you ‘re in all probability wondering precisely, how do the various plans differ and the way do you opt for the most effective plan for you?

When considering unlimited phone plans from the varied carriers you concentrate on price however you need to also take a glance at the actual service options or components. There are 3 totally different elements combined that really represents the actual package.

IFRAME Embed for Youtube

One of the 3 elements creating up your actual service is net access and also the data download or data transfer feature. the data transfer feature includes having the ability to access the mobile internet, to look at videos, download music files, email and different things like this. be careful for the restrictions on data transfer on a number of the varied unlimited plans. It will be the one restrictive element of the plan and even cost lots of extra cash if you ‘re an important mobile net user.

Keep in mind, the real cash you’re saving in unlimited calling plans is thru the unlimited talk component. You see, this suggests that you simply will talk to anyone, making unlimited cellular phone calls to anyplace in the u. s. for as long as you wish, day or night, with no limitations. therefore no more circles, or friend teams, calls on your network or something like that. No additional running out of minutes and overages cost accounting you a fortune. What to seem for once it comes to the talk component is price of international calls if you are doing a lot of calling outside the us.

The final thing to look at on your mobile plan would be the quantity of text messages that you simply can send or receive. There are differing kinds of text messages, and you do not need to only be covered for sure types and not others. usually speaking although, most major carrier’s plans provide unlimited sent and received for all differing types of texting.

The best unlimited calling plans can offer actually unlimited everything, nationwide day and night talk, text and unlimited web with unlimited data downloads enclosed. therefore if you prefer the concept of downloading music, video and different sorts of files on your cellular phone examine the restrictions on internet data downloads before creating your choose. additionally you may wish to look for a plan that may reward you in a way for your referrals. folks naturally refer folks to product and services they like anyway. Why not get rewarded for referrals within the case of your mobile service provider. Besides, i actually do not assume you’ll find a far better unlimited mobile service deal than one with really unlimited everything beside the actual fact you’ll get rewarded or maybe paid for bringing your service provider new business.